Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"


Unlike The Matrix Reloaded, that was actually better than the first part! Ha! Yes! I had to take another swipe at that shitty movie!

Anyway, funny stuff. I forgot all about that stupid fucking "kiss me" scene until you righteously ripped on it.


omg that was seriously funny. this flash is better than alot of the actual movie. i wish they woulda shown this at the end of the movie in the theater, i probably wouldnt have been so confused. fucking awesome flash. good job.


Well, I've been waiting for this, I must say the second half is much better than the first. Awsome Ghostbusters reference with the KeyMaster. Just curious why did you split it into two halves?

SeanSullivan responds:

Eric Sullivan; We had some memory probelms on our computer we smashed the 2 together.
See, our computer fucking sucks, and we sometimes have to be careful with the memory we use up, or we'll lose all of our work and have to start all over again (it's happened before).


boy that was insanely funny. you are pure humoristic genuis. if you dont know Genuises are really smart people.


I happen to like the Matrix: Reloaded but that spoof was too funny and well done not to be laughed at. Nice work.