Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

that was daaaamn funny

I am a matrix fan, and was getting tired of seeing bad matrix spoofs... but finally! a GOOD ONE :D ... my prayers have been answered :)

pd: *nice* falsettos, guys




You gotta realize this is the Sullivan brother's style. Its the crappy animation that makes it worthwhile. ANy better and it would not be as funnny. Its their unique odor here at newgrounds. realize dat. oh by the way, I LOVE DA MOVIE! keep up the good work!

Or what, you'll fuck my grandma??

That is funny stuff... and it takes a lot to make me laugh. I laughed out loud at some parts. Your parody work is dead on, it reminds of those hotshots movies. The only thing I can dock you on is the graphics, they are uglier than carrie ann moss. Seriously, spend some time on your drawings and animation, and make another for revolutions. I look forward to it :)

Fuckin Great!

God Damn that was funny, you two are some damn funny guys. What you need is to team up with a really good animator, then... it would be perfect. But the "bad-animation" actually really added to the humour, I was seriously laughing out loud, laughing my ass off after both of these. I don't agree with you guys on all things, I mean, I didnt find the giht scenes to long or anything, and Carrie-Anne-Moss might not be a "15-18" year old girl, but she aint no troll.
Hehhe I was gonna say something about "The Creater" and how it should havwe been the architect, but I watched the special features after and had that question answered. Props ont he special features too, fuckin' holarious.
You guys should do one for the original too, and I'm sure you're planning one for Revouloutions.
Awsome Shit. Me Like you much.

Man I'm havin a hell of a time submitting this review, NG is fucked up!