Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

i liked it

a few words: lol , watch it , bananas arent yellow


Hey... Nice conclusion to the series. I ound ta hidden message in the scorool "Rat King" Awesome TMNT reference. So, you guys thought that the fight scene in the movie was boring? hmmm. Hope to see more form you guys. Audio commentary? That is an ingenious idea!



that was pretty funny. not the best but good enough.


That was the best parody of a movie ive ever seen on NG! Its way better than that gay zelda parody...

SeanSullivan responds:

Hey, man. Don't dis the frog. Sure his "Zelda" flash wasn't as good as his early work, but don't dis the frog, man.

Yeah buddy

The audio commentary was awsome dudes, great add. The bathroom scence...totally memorable lol i love the ghostbuster spoofs totally original no one has used there stuff in a loooong time great work