Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

Fucking epic

"Yes we can also pull stuff out of hats!"

Tjis wa spretty good

A pretty good flash here eventhough it was abit long on loading so reduce the file just abit, other then that it was great

Filesize was somewhat large I use 56k and im sure alot of other users do aswell and something to think about when making really big flashworks and the filesize is that big think about the user abit as they might not beable to download as some people may be impatient, compress it abit or cut it down somehow but remember that alot of us use 56k..

Decent but could use some compressing



Okay, maybe I was a little unfair grading that other flash of yours I reviewed. I auctually think your animations for the most part are funny, and they do have a unique style. So I decided to be a little more fair while reviewing this one.
Anyway, Down to brass tacks.
I like where you went with riping into the matrix, I never get tired of flash that pokes fun at the matrix, what can I say, The Matrix was overrated.
The part where the guy went on the tangent about the cake and inter-species erotica had me laughing for a while.
Also the Ghostbusters refrences were a nice touch.
Im looking forward to more flash by you.
Keep up the good work, you have a good sence of humor when it comes to flash and thats something to be proud of.
Goodluck on your next project.

"Let me finish, you sharp pencil you"

You guys are just...insane and hilarious. These are quite possibly, the absolute funniest Matrix parodies this site has, even better than "The Matrix Has You"

It's a pity these didn't get more attention, because they are misunderstood brilliance. The Creator scene is by far the best.

"Oh god...you who gonna call....


Yeah, thats nice...

I love that movie!"

Keep it up guys, your other stuff is hilarious.


HA! Oh I love these. I've said that before, but It's so true.