Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

good movie

is that really you in the profile? because that is a fugly ass picture

SeanSullivan responds:

Well, I don't really expect a guy named "VAGINA69" to be too pretty either.
But thanks for liking the movie. :)

fucking funny

that was funnys befor you two made this one i had already seen your other movies like Reservoir Dogs and it was funny too, you should make a scarface spoff,. p.s alot of people say my flash sucks too

SeanSullivan responds:

We would make a "Scareface" spoof, but to be honest, we've never seen the movie. :p
Besides, I've got to finish my "Clockwork Orange" spoofs.

Laugh out loud funny.

I nearly teared up with all the hillarious moments in these 2 movies. The first one with the fat guy eating the desert was the best though.

pretty good

that was pretty funny. again, the graphics could be better, and there is no need for all the foul language.

it was good

that was real funny