Reviews for "Just Begun"

Great voice

I love the song. I also think you have an amazing voice. :) Well done. 5/5

Just Amazing

Very nice work...very relaxing and smooth. def a 5.

Awesome, very touching

I could listen to this for quite awhile there. What I found coincidentially funny was that this has the same name of the plot twist song in SAW IV, and to be honest this song would probally fit in the franchise. lol.

But in overall, this song is really touching, and its something I could keep listening for along time. Great choice of instruments and tunes, and its really calm. Keep up the work!

Beautifully put together.

Intelligent, meaningful, and touching lyrics coupled with a sound that has just the right amount of depth and gravity for the subject matter. Consider this track downloaded.

Very touching

this.. this. i can't really describe.
i sense the intense feeling that you put in the making of this.
some people do nothing when they feel down, some people write poems like me, but you, you decided to make a song out of it, and a pretty damn good one! i lost count of howmany times ive played this song. for the song you get a 4/5 and for the feeling youve put in a 10/5. great way to express your feelings!