Reviews for "Just Begun"


Somebody knows how to write. I'm always looking for other good musicians on the net hoping to collaborate and I really never find anybody who sounds like they know what they're doing. I usually criticize myself for sticking to the same chord progression for too long, but I loved every bit of the music in this so you've showed me a little bit more of relying on the feeling rather than the mathematics of the sound. I agree with the comment below me about your voice sounding forced a little at the beginning, but it did mellow out to match the theme. What I do to prevent the beginning sound too focused on 'how' rather than 'why' is start by singing something else right before the beginning of the recording so that there's still passion in my voice to begin. sry, don't mean to be criticizing. If you want to get me back, you can listen to some of my stuff at myspace -> kaybocorp What was real/synthesized in this?

Only one thing bothers me.

Ur vocals seemed forced at the beginning, but it sounded much better after the first chorus.

All in all though, great song, its nice to hear music from the heart that isn't completely commercialized.

Not classical?

Not classical? I'd rather call this a classical song than a ballad or anything alike, actually. Anyway, I must say, this quite nice. Not too cliché, keeps the suspence up... might be classified a bit... 'sad' (or emo, in common terms). Luckily for you, I am not shallow. :D Keep up the good work. :D

but i plays piano too!

ur lyrics are emotion -driven also, i see. very heartfelt, but, on a personal level, i like just music. no offense to u! It is still a good song! yea. i still love your piano playing.... so did u sing as u played?
you emotional devil you


i agree its not classical, but its still got your wonderful piano skills, and now ur apparently wonderful voice, which u did a great job recording, nice quality. why dont my local radio stations have this???

great job MMD, and im very excited for your other new tunes. very excited