Reviews for "Just Begun"

Double, no Triple Wow!!!

Not only can you play, but you can sing!?! Your not human! No mortal being can do this!!! HOW!?! I even gave your worst song a 5/5!!! Another thing, about your words, so true, so deep, one small mistake can change the world...


I cant evenb egin to explain so i hope you can understand the incoherent thought i have.
This piece is sad and its sweet and its something i can savor.
Its a song i can tell ill have repeating in my ears.
its beautiful
It really breaks through all the other things you'll find browsing music.


this song is great, it is a thousend better than the todays charts here in germany ;) man, you should send this to a record company =).

Just amazing



Amazing. I love the music, especially the piano. Your voice is amazing, and the lyrics are very moving. One thing, though. Watch your breathing when you sing. I noticed that when you hit the end of a part, you would kinda fade out, especially at the low notes. Other than that, you did a great, great job!!!

Are you back?

Or is this but a teasing of you? I'm glad for more music by you though. I remember your tunes and this fits right in,but it's still different. I'm glad your back and I hope you stay. Keep coming out with this stuff man,please.