Reviews for "Just Begun"


You kinda remind me of a famous singer.

See review.

You have a nice and unique singing voice. I hope you get a record deal in the near future.

Kick ass

this song very well played i like this song


Excellent. Exceptional. Enigmatic. Love the sound and piano. Compared to the others ive heard here, your voice might as well win a nobel peace prize. But its still not that good. FREAKING GOOD PIANO in the beginning.

Very nice Track!

I don't usually review in the Audio portal, but this work was exceptionally better than a lot of others I have heard. Your voice was pretty good, not amazing, but not bad enough for me to want to hurt myself. I loved the first twenty seconds or so of the song, it was definately very entertaining to listen to throughout though, and I will go check out the rest of your work to see if they're as good as this!