Reviews for "Just Begun"

Without a doubt...

You are my favorite artist on newgrounds. Every submission is just further and further beyond my expectations of you. Keep it up, your amazing.


Simply fantastic, impressive that your voice compliments the tone and feeling of the back ground music. Your emotion for the song also shows how you feel and reflects you. I love it simply because it seems that you believe in what your singing, and well quite simply you can sing. Flipping well done!

This song is great.

One of the best songs ever.

I'm gonna be honest

You have so much talent and your vocals are so nice. you seem to get better as the song goes on. I can't hink of who your voice reminds me of... but its someone good. A little more vocal improvement is all you need to make it perfect. perhaps warm ure vocals a bit more before you record. Keep recording.

Rather enjoyable

I really like the sound of you voice. You should do more like this. :3