Reviews for "Just Begun"

Nice :D

Very kewl :B I likeh


Wow, just wow, this song is amazing. It's so much better than all the rest of your songs. Dude I want to hear more!!!

This is preety good!

I sounds kinda like some of Dammon Albarn's peaceful works. Like it's Universial.

You certainly capture the heart! I hope you suceed in music even more!

Not feeling it

Yeah I know you newgrounders are going to disagree with me. The music is good as usual by you but the vocals weren't top notch. With a couple more years of practice you should have a decent voice. Your vox is much better than most of the musicians on the AP, but still far from professional singing quality. Not sure whats up with the sudden cutoff at the end of the song. Now I think you were smart to implement vox in this song cause with out it the song would bore me. At least you got some vocal practice. Good luck with your future lyrical music. See yah

smooth lyrics and song style.

Your music has always shown such great emotion, you can feel the sorrow fllowing from the music to show such great empathy.
Brilliant keep on producing such great music please!