Reviews for "Just Begun"

smooth lyrics and song style.

Your music has always shown such great emotion, you can feel the sorrow fllowing from the music to show such great empathy.
Brilliant keep on producing such great music please!

The Voice

Music alone can tell a story of untold lies, secrets, and deceptions. Music alone tells a story of love and hate as well as friendship and hope; but it takes a voice to express the music and thus begins a stand point where you defy yourself.
-The-Great-One (2007) [My personal quote]

I enjoyed this piece very much and I find it enjoyable yet see sorrow in it somehow. Is that odd how one sees what another other doesn't? Excellent Work.


I'll bet a million bucks you'll be famous someday

well... i dont know the actual deffinition

idk the deff of classical, but even if.... its soooo hard to place a song in a single genre these days.

i was very pleased to find this
idk why, but i felt this went very well with the eye of sauron ^^

id keep on typing while i listened to the song, but my comps giving me issues, so just...umm....good luck, have fun, and i can only hope you love what your doing. newgrounds truly loves you.... i speak on behalf of almost everyperson that has heard and been touched by your music

just dont leave us, it'd be hard to see you go when we love you so much


I really have no critique to give. 10 man. I'll be watching you MilkMan-Dan. *bow*