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Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III

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Author Comments

It's done Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III: Return of the Sucka! Thanks to all who enjoyed the series. I'll make more T-Toons soon. Look for Mr. T Vs Mr. Burns soon enough...anyway enjoy...vote 5

P.S. I still can't draw

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It's nice to see the series end. I think this was one of the lesser entries. There could have been more action. It seemed too easy to beat Unicron. It was interesting to give him a backstory. I think the effects now look goofier.

It's still nice to see this campiness. That's what "The A-Team" was all about, right? I like how his name is like "Unicorn". Well, Hasbro does also own "My Little Pony". I seriously just found out they're making a new "Muppet Babies" cartoon!

#1 fan

u should make a game


when unicron have the matrix he used the bling lolz and first pop in the eye the end i like when the plans come together XD


Best trilogy on newgrunds


Great way to end the series :)