Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

THis one ended too quick...

The whole series was great and I loved it but at the end I wanted more...So I guess you did your job well...Perhaps some sorta sequil is in order ^_^...that would be nice...Great job and keep doing these series things...they are amazing

nice job this series there should be more likethis

I really like this Mr.T versus unicron stuff although the ending was a bit scrappy for instance what happens when the return savely to earth and what happens with bush will he be stuck for ever in this position. that's my only point of critic the rest was STUNNING GOOD


pretty good, but I dunno if its newgrounds or what but its doent look like your preloaders working man

I really liked this

This is one of the best Mr. T Movies. Awesome, man.

Great 80's stuff!

Thanks a lot Mr. T Pug, you allow all of us who grew up in the 80's to get all nostalgic on our childhoods. Great movie, loads of fun to watch! Can't wait for Mr. T's next exciting adventure! As a side note, you could have let Dubya become Bush Sr. with He-Man's sword. and the chimp could have evolved into a gorilla. But hey those are side issues. Overall, good job!

Peace out,