Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

You want me to vote 5?...for THIS????

Ok, I will. Excellent job, Mr.Tpug. My hat goes off to you once again. Nice cut outs and great story line. I like the view from the Falcon, it came out really nice. The part about Murdock knowing where to get metel was pretty hilarious too. Nice sound choice. You're humor and style are what make this series so great. Keep it up.

Good Job

I just started learning Flash and I have never drawn on the computer before so I can understand the cutouts. The Humor and character selection is what makes the series good. (Hmm I just noticed something. I'm not living up to my name. All right then, by order of my name this movie sucks balls. This message brought to yo by Someone That You Might Eviscerate (STYME) It's an acronym get it? Of course not, you're all a bunch of idiots.) There I feel much better now. This movie kicks ass.

got Matrix(a.k.a Mr. T cereal)?

Keep doing your majic. Whats next... Mabie Mr. T verses Cobra corp.


That was hella good Sucka, But what about that crazy fool bush??? Did the power of gray skull come through for that sucka, I know it helped in part II, But will he be stuck like that???
Mmmmm It Don't matter that you can't draw, your style works thats all that matters, Remeber to drink plenty of milk, goto youth centers and buy lots of Mr.T cearal.


Mr.T, Transformers....... WOW! Make more