Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

Good... but WAY in accurate

before I gave you a 9 for minor scientific In acuracies.. But come on, using a few danishes and a paper towel rolls to make the Millenium Falcon?

Mr.T rules!

I like all your Mr.T movies, because Mr.T is such a cool character in your movies. I like how you use ideas like milk making Mr.T stronger, or the worst thing a villain can do is to destroy a youth center, etc.
Make more movies with Mr.T!

not as good as pt II which wasnt as good as pt 1

Great none the less...

All your ten are belong to this!

I like the music of yours. From where did you get that? send me E-Mail to me Piet9989@yahoo.com or respones to me


all my 10s are belong to THIS