Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

Great, but two complaints

That was funny as hell, but I think you missed two things that could've made the movie even better.
First, judging by the first film, you could instert video clips into your flash movies. So then why, oh why did you not include Unicron's transformation scene in the movie? Instead, we got a quick two second deal, not the epic transformation in the film.
The second complaint, and it rolls right into the first one, is why did CATS survive instead of Galvatron? A final battle between Galvatron and Mr. T inside Unicron would be better than some bad all your base jokes.

Other than that, it was incredible. Keep it up.

Drink ya Milk, and keep it comin' sucka!

Now that was an inspiration. Sure the visuals weren't "that great", but it's not about appearances! It's the concept of man overcoming all obstacles by having high calcium intake and wearing 40 pounds of Bling Bling! Personally I loved the entire Mr T vs Unicron series, but I was sooo hoping George Dubya would actually BE He-Man. Ah well, win some lose some. Keep it up man!

That was while it last.

Well hope you creat something better and get it alright.

Great movie!!

you used the teknoman ending theme!! cool!!
are you a Teknoman fan too?

I pity da fool dat messes with T...

Part 1 was definately the best, but they are all great. Tenacious D doing the fusion dance is hilarious, and then george W. in the one pose all 3 parts, lol. Making the millenium falcon was neat, but that was more of a Maguyver type thing. Maybe you could do Mr. T vs. Maguyver, or have Maguyver as an ally in a future one.