Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"


Amazing, this is the best of the three T vs. Unicron movies. You did a great job with the sound effects. Good Work!

Liked it

Good stuff, wish MRTPUG still made this type of stuff. Also ashame Newgrounds never updated the Mr T section with all this work, probably why he hasn't made any more.


YESS! I Love the imiges of all the 1980
cherecters you used. You got every1 perfect!
There's not a scean I don't like.
this is a dream cometrue.

YOU ROCK Mr.T pug!!!!

I pity the fool that mess with T

No way!! I thought you still didn't make part 3!! Thanks a lot. And thankyou Mr. T!! You are the only one I know who can defeat anything! (not really, or so I think). that song at the end was Conan O Brian and the real Mr. T singing "I pity the fool that mess with T".

I pity the fool...

... who does not find this trilogy to be the best of Mr. T tributes. Let's have another submission, please! Maybe Mr. T versus the Atkins diet... (it dissuades people from drinking milk!).