Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

supa good

it was hilarious but can i have the sog when MR.T and optimus gos in in the eye on BIG NASTTY unicron

great very funny

lol very funny but you should make a version with all the vids in it


that was so damn funny i pissed a great way to end the unicron vs mr.t series... wow for a second i thought bush was going to do sumpting (LOL!) any way foshizle crunk that was good!


stupid bush with his sword-thingy but omg mr.t threw some thing away A-G-A-I-N thats so friggin funny

Pure genius

you seem to have pretty damn good taste. 10 for sound because you got a lot of transformers stuff (can you reply telling me where you found it please) and i gave you a 5 and pretty much all of your submissions in this series.
Once you seen one of the submissions, however, you get a certain feeling that the tide will be turned with the help of good old milk. Nonetheless, frickin awesome!