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TD-Lucky Dog

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Is this loss?

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Man, death stings, from a cat to a dog to a human, it hurts, permanently. The feeling of deep hopelessness is unbearable. You want to be mad, you want to just sit in bed and scream, but it doesn't bring them back, nothing will. That feeling of pure tragedy and sadness yet anger some how, makes every thing seem like the world's worst joke. And while that last stage of grief is acceptance, I don't think anyone has truly gotten there. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope you feel better in time dude.

Raziberry responds:

Thanks a lot, man. I lost my dog of 13 years last fall, and that was especially painful, but we have a new pup in our life and she's a real sweetheart.

Death is one of the most crippling experiences ever, and the worst part about it is it just lingers forever, and you never really forget. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. Being only 18 I should still be young and ignorant but I don't really get to enjoy that anymore I guess. I lost all my grandparents in the past 4 years and an uncle, my father recently got a risky cancer diagnosis that isn't looking hopeful, and my 2 dogs were put down in the past year as well. Loss is a necessity, and I guess you gotta focus on the fact that they were there, and be grateful you got to experience their company. A dog might only be around for a portion of your life, but to them, you're literally their entire life, and you're all that matters to them.
I can literally hear the pain in your voice recalling these memories. Just try to smile, man. Remember the good moments, and the happiness you shared with them, don't dwell on their absence.
I'm a year late to this all, and I don't even know if you check older comments, but just know you're a pretty rad dude, that doesn't deserve to be down. You are currently one of, if not my only main inspirations to push for drawing and trying to pursue my hopes through hopelessness. You're to me what Bryan O'Malley was to you.. kinda.
Sounds cheesy and cliche but who gives a fuck, it's true. Keep reciting your life, keep putting out. You are what gives me hope right now through my ending senior year through all this common core b.s. during a gloomy ass pandemic. Seeing you push to strive and work for yourself and your fans is dope. You're just a fucking dope dude, man guy. Yea. Fuck yea.

Raziberry responds:

Thanks a lot, man, I needed this today. I wish all the best to you and your father. Try to stay as positive as you'd like me to be.

Great stuff

So you make some great stuff and make some nice art pieces simpilistic art style and make for a nice naration as it all comes together so nice job indeed I like these and hope you make more

none needed


Description didn't really prepare for how deep this went... dang. Feels. Started out with that expected strain of visual/narrative comedy but it sure took a turn after a bit, and ends so conclusively non-cathartic. That most definitely is loss...

Never had a dog, nor pet of any sorts that I outlived, but this resonates heavy. Gives a glimpse into a different kind of life; shows that grief really is as profound no matter the species, long as you are that close. The hand on shoulder bit is such a moment of clarity with regard to the complexity of relations and emotions too, relatable too, so much emotion in this.

Do hope the pain fades with time; makes way for more so joyful memories...


I know your pain too well, friend. I know it. I have been there and done that. It still sucks. I have cats mind you...they to will go and pass....and that time will suck serious ass. Good work. You managed to jerk pain and a tear out of me. Hat's off to ye sir. But fret not on this...more love like that with a dog will come for you. It does inevitably. Maybe try a cat as a pet.