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TD-Lucky Dog

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Is this loss?

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Description didn't really prepare for how deep this went... dang. Feels. Started out with that expected strain of visual/narrative comedy but it sure took a turn after a bit, and ends so conclusively non-cathartic. That most definitely is loss...

Never had a dog, nor pet of any sorts that I outlived, but this resonates heavy. Gives a glimpse into a different kind of life; shows that grief really is as profound no matter the species, long as you are that close. The hand on shoulder bit is such a moment of clarity with regard to the complexity of relations and emotions too, relatable too, so much emotion in this.

Do hope the pain fades with time; makes way for more so joyful memories...


I know your pain too well, friend. I know it. I have been there and done that. It still sucks. I have cats mind you...they to will go and pass....and that time will suck serious ass. Good work. You managed to jerk pain and a tear out of me. Hat's off to ye sir. But fret not on this...more love like that with a dog will come for you. It does inevitably. Maybe try a cat as a pet.

i feel your pain. we lost a rescue lab to old age and cancer recently. But she was old. Too old for a labrador. Eventually she didnt have the energy to do anything but: eat,sleep,repeat. and thus, we knew her time had come. she had what i can only hope were the greatest years of her life with us. no more labradors. said mom. so now we have a purebred husky pup.

From whence we came~

i have a dod not the same one but i have a dog and he is onle 4 and when the time comes it will be very hard

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4.18 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2020
9:20 PM EDT

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