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Reviews for "TD-Lucky Dog"

Goddamn dude, after watching it, the short question in the discription box had me a little triggered. Of course that is loss!
Just the fact it's an animal instead of a person doesn't mean it should hurt any less. The grief is as legit as it comes.

Maybe sounding a bit messed up to compare this to my mum's passing 7 years ago, but the parallel that hit home hardest is the routines/obligations/traditions that can sometimes drive you mad, when they're gone, it gives an odd hollow & sort of unwelcome feeling of freedom like, what the frick should i do now? Wich you beautifully discribed.
But yeh, gud episode. Helps puttin things in perspective.

Very relatable man.... Baily lived a long full life! Shows how much you guys cared for her...

Man, I really feel you, losing the dog, especially the one that's with you on your most important years growing up, I had my stray Patita (Spanish for little paw) since I was 9 years old, until I turned 20, and she literally dug herself a grave and passed out before I got home, It really feels like you lose a part of the experiences that formed you when it happens, even now with 25 years old I remember that the first thing I did when I got her as a kid was yell at her because she kept jumping at me when my mom came rushing home to drop her and go back to work and I couldn't see her, of course, I loved her every other time, but even now I still regret that first thing I did to her 16 years ago, when I could've shown her one more moment of love.
I always treat right the dogs that came after, because it's not their fault that they aren't her, but, you know, they aren't her, that connection is gone.

You're really good at capturing those real life moments in your stories, expressing them through the fun minimalist style of your art, and articulating such stories in a charming concise way. It always feels like you're just sitting down and telling these stories to a friend over lunch. Every episode of Tech Dave feels so short, and this episode is (imo) one for the top 10 TD episodes.

❤ Cheers

Ya. This hurts. A familiar pain.