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Reviews for "TD-Lucky Dog"

This why humans are monsters. The law allows humans to "put down" a dog when nothing more can be done for it (can't do that with humans in most countries). Human are allowed to kept living sentience beings for their personal amusement. Humans can keep the sentience being lock up for years, taking it outside of its prison for a few hours a day (if the sentience being is lucky). Any abuse of the sentience being, while frowned upon, is never real punished (fine and/or the "cost" of the sentience being). When the sentience being dies (by whatever means), humans are allowed to "buy" new ones over and over again. All the while, the sentience being happily plays along because it doesn't know any better...

All of the details were spot-on when my family put down my cat. The jolt of resentment at my sister, watching the life leave her face, and the emptiness that followed. My dog had to be put down a few weeks later and it didn't have as much as an effect as my first cat.

I feel you man, I remember when I lost my 12 years old dog :s it sucks

So sad, never easy to say to good bye.

Epic. I cried