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Reviews for "TD-Lucky Dog"

I love your drawing style with just a few colours - I only have wild creatures in my garden - its not so sad losing them - I rescued a pigeon with a broken wing and it lived with me for about a year and has now had a family and flown - I rescued a seagul with a broken wing and it parents now live on my roof - I have snakes and frogs in my pond and birds visiting all day. There are some field mice too - they have big ears like mickey

The saddest and most intense story I've seen from you.
But I got the idea, that making this was therapeautic for you.

I could even hear the agitation in your voice as you were narrating this.

Raziberry responds:

It was hard to write this one.

Damn it. You managed to drag up alot of things that I've put a good amount of effort into repressing and shoving deep down inside me. It reminds me of my own losses. Family, Pets, thankfully no friends yet.

But Thanks for the video. And I mean that, even as you have me crying for the first time in a long time.

yeaaaaa, but man, if you have fish and they die, you feel absolutely nothing.

I'm sure youve gotten alot of these but I am sincerely sorry for the lose of your family pets. I have 4 cats, all since their literal births, and they are all over 10 years old now, I dread as the years close more and more....

-tight hug-

Thank you for this, Im sure it'll help somebody...