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Reviews for "TD-Lucky Dog"

my i have lost so many animals in my life that i am nearly numb to death and ive forgotten what it feels to lose a loved one for the first time. sorry for your loss

Now I'm thinking about the times I watched my pets die. At least you were there for her during her final moments. It's not easy but it meant a lot to her.


Man. That was heart-wrenching. I have a cat. Love that little bastard to bits. I can't (and generally try not to) imagine what my world would be like without him.

This will sound odd and goes under r/nobodyfuckingasked, but, you should still get a dog if you haven't yet. Some people are just wired a certain way. They will live and move on to the great big kennel in the sky all the same whether you've appreciated mutual companionship with them or not. Building some wonderful memories with a doggo may be difficult thing to leverage against yourself once they run out of time- but I bet it probably brings out the best in you.

Just a thought.

Keep at it. Can't wait to see more of your works :)

I love your drawing style with just a few colours - I only have wild creatures in my garden - its not so sad losing them - I rescued a pigeon with a broken wing and it lived with me for about a year and has now had a family and flown - I rescued a seagul with a broken wing and it parents now live on my roof - I have snakes and frogs in my pond and birds visiting all day. There are some field mice too - they have big ears like mickey