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Reviews for "TD-Lucky Dog"

Dang man, after I realized what was to come, I held my little dog the rest of the video.


Raziberry responds:

Love them while you can!!

God damn. Very fucking effective. Your content always creates some sort of emotion, but damn, this one hit really hard. Very well written and narrated, and of course the visuals look great. Good fucking stuff.

Raziberry responds:

Many thanks!

Fuck! as i'm writing this i'm doing so with red and teary eyes! i don't know if you wrote a script for this or if it's improvised, all i know is that you are very sad either way, it's very easy to hear on your voice and the way it cracs from time to time. I rate this full stars and i'd rate it more, but damn that stupid TANKMAN head! It just ruins the mood completely. I'm so sorry to hear this man. I did not know the dog but deep inside i feel like i did weirdly enough. It hurst. Maybe because i know the feeling all too well? I want to say "Hey i'm here if you need someone to talk to man" but we barely know each other and i would probably not be the right one to talk to about it then. But know that i feel for you man and hope that it is as the saying goes "Time heals all wounds" And i dare say that you take this loss awefully well and i'm proud of that man! and to answer your question "Is this loss?" i say from experience "It's loss if you feel like it/they had meaning and/or filled out your life in a way" because they leave a hole in your life that can't be filled however much you try. You just have to move on with it. It may have been a dog and not a human, but it was still family.

Raziberry responds:

Thanks for the kind words, dude. It always hurts when I reflect on it, but it was worth the love of a pet while we had her.
I assume by "tankman" you mean the German soldiers? That's just me trying to draw German helmets, sorry I'm not great at it haha

Another amazing Technical Dave episode

Really great episode as usual. My childhood pet cat was also my first experience with death, she was missing for a week and when she finally returned she was struggling to breathe and limping, convulsing. Took her to the vet and they said she had ingested something like antifreeze and was having seizures, no treatment possible. Me my brother and my mum suddenly were all stood together watching morphine slowly travel up a tube into her, slowly the seizures and shaking stopped and she was gone, I kept thinking about how hard it must have been for her to return with all her injuries and how hard she must have fought to see us again.

I relate a lot to your story my relationship with my small family has not been the best and I tried desperately not to break down in front of them, but at the same time i realised how weird it was for me to feel that around my own family. I assume they too were feeling that as when I caved they followed. That was the first time ever where we all cried in each others arms.

Thanks for the vid was nice to remember that.

Raziberry responds:

That sounds awful, I feel you man.