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Sneaky Rooftop Escape

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Sneaky is on a new mission! This time, he was hot on the trail of the Sharkmen when things went wrong! Now he must figure out a way to escape before it's too late!

Note: This is my first Unity HTML5 game. Please let me know your thoughts so I can keep improving my games!

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Took awhile to load up, and I had to reload the page to get it working. However, once it loaded, I was pleasantly surprised. The cop amazed me. Overall, great job. Looking forward to your other developments. Your games are always fun, even the ones with enraging puzzles. Keep up the good work and innovation.

It's so great to see you try new things – and the game turned out more than fine!
I hope you liked working with Unity and we'll see more of your games made with it in the future (especially since Flash ends in 2020 :) ).

I dig the little details like items moving to your inventory when you collect them, the interactive rotating cube, or the animated menu. You could also make the "orange levers" animated, too, so they would move gradually, instead of just shifting to position.

One thing I'd suggest about 3D adventure games, though – add a way to highlight interactive items. There's a lot of detail in the background and literally anything could be interactive (doors, windows, posters, mailboxes, plants, cocktails…). Add an outline ("outline diffuse shader") on mouse hover, show its name in the text box, change the mouse cursor to "hand" (Cursor.SetCursor)… anything.
But it's not fun to have to click on everything in a scene. I've said it about your "asylum" games before and there, the objects usually seem out of place somehow (different perspective, size, lighting)… here everything looks like it fits in the scene and the collectable/interactive items just don't stand out.

The text is a bit blurry. Perhaps it's because it's resized, perhaps there's a wrong filter used. Would this help?
Or try TextMesh Pro which renders the text in a better way and allows you to use more complex text effects:

Also, I'd try antialiasing to see if it improves graphics. For example, the policeman has jagged edges which don't look too good when he's moving. Post-processing effects can also help you improve the overall feel – if you wanted more vibrant colours, for example.

I'd fiddle with the shadows settings in Graphics and on your lights, because now some objects look like they're floating – see the postbox. The shadows should start where the objects touch the ground.
Ambient Occlusion effect might also give the scene a more "natural" feel.

And finally, it's absolutely possible to add medals and scoreboard to Unity games… I've done it a couple of times before. You need to enable the new API in Project System and then continue from here:
There's a working example for unlocking medals on the page. There's no scoreboard example, but it's very similar to that.

I wrote more than I thought I would, I hope it was helpful. :)
Good luck with your future games! I'd love to see a low-poly asylum game at some point. :)

selfdefiant responds:

Wow, thanks for all of that! I will definitely be following your advice. Many, many thanks!

... the cardboard box lid is jammed. LOL.

So this is your first Unity effort, huh? Lookin' good, SD.
I think it would have been more ambient if you'd IMPLIED the cop though, rather than breaking immersion by rendering him like a Minecraft giant. ;)))

Look forward in using medals for the next 3D one.

selfdefiant responds:

As far as I know, medals only work with Flash games. :(

Score: 692

Interesting game, was a bit difficult at first, before I caught up to its wacky logic
I approached it too realistically, but once I tried the car's plate number as the code, I realized this isn't meant to be looked at from that perspective, other than the number plate, everything else led to each other very well, as any clue game should, I liked the box physics, and I somehow managed to break one of the boxes and make it go out of the roof and into the multiverse lol

I really enjoyed the art style and was surprised that all of this was 3D and animated, I was expecting 2D art tbh, also the music is just perfect, probably my most favourite part of the game, keep up the good work!

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)