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Reviews for "Sneaky Rooftop Escape"

Well, to be exactly honest, is that I am not a type of fan who likes clue games. But due to the appropriate game music, this matches the title of the game, to it hurts me to say this that despite my opinion, this won't change my ratings, so this is pretty... meh.
SCORE: 464

selfdefiant responds:

I'm so glad you took so much time to write your review to say meh. Wow.

WebGL is the death of a lot of games. I have the updated version of chrome.

selfdefiant responds:

Works great for me and many others. You might need an upgrade.

Ok, sure the graphics are updated, but now the logic from this game is EVEN WORSE. I fucking escaped the rooftop IN THE BEGINNING, because I WASN'T THERE YET. And how does going trough a door from a rooftop MAKES YOU ESCAPE? IT'S JUST GONNA BE INSIDE A BUILDING THAT'S FROM THE BEGINNING. AND WHO THE FUCK IS SHARKMEN, IS HE JUST A FUCKING SHARK? AND HOW DID YOU GET FUCKING LOST, AND HOW DID THINGS WENT WRONG? It's so stupid, it doesn't make sense. ALSO, WHY WOULD SNEAKY GIVE THE POLICE COFFIE AND BE OUT IN PUBLIC? ISN'T HIS NAME "SNEAKY"?

Score: 792!

It is a fun great challenge and interesting new format.

It'll load depends on which Browser you use. FireFox works but a little weird. Chrome can't load it easily. So don't lose courage if you can't play it!

pretty good but could be a bit longer