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Reviews for "Sneaky Rooftop Escape"

The best score i managed to get was 49, obviously the score correlates to the time it took you to complete the game, most of the steps were not needed after playing the game more than once.
Very short, it would probably be a game to play with one of your mates when you'd want to see who is better when playing with a mouse.

The graphics are nice. The game for me isn't interesting. Just isn't my type of game. The clues were a bit too easy for me though. I dunno if that's just me.

I'm glad that even someone as stupid as me was able to do it! usually, clues go right over my head, and ones that are obvious make it too easy; so you did a really good job of making a game for anyone to play! ((plus, a found a sneaky coin, didn't know what to do with it though))

401! Its been a while since ive been on NG and it was awesome to see that you had a new sexy Unity game. Had to play it immediately! I loved it! It was pretty easy but for your first game, it was smooth and looked fantastic. Looking forward to more.

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you!!

I won the game :D My score was 489

selfdefiant responds:

Good job! Thanks!