Reviews for "Sneaky Rooftop Escape"

Whats the point of the puzzle with the orange cubes if I can I just take the bucket of water?

selfdefiant responds:

They release the ladder to climb up on to the roof.

It honestly wasn't that impressive. Most of the puzzles were okay but some of them weren't that intuitive, such as the initial code in the beginning, and the fact that you have to slide the boxes in the end. It was way too short, in my opinion. At the very least it looked nice and ran smoothly.

The game was good, it would be better in my opinion if it was longer. But overall it was good.

Good game like always, but a little buggy.

I want to like this game because it's pretty, but the gameplay went click, nothing, click, nothing, click click click frustrated click click click annoyed click click click oh I found a coin, what the fuck do I do with it, there's a box I can't open and a dumpster with a stuck lid click click click fuck it I have better things to do.