Reviews for "Sneaky Rooftop Escape"

Nice to see some evolution of the formula. I like the way you used the 3D engine to compose some of your clues- the cube is particularly nice. Looking forward to more innovations as you master the platform. Good job for your first attempt.

Nice attempt on going to 3D. Tried to play this on Chrome, but kept crashing. Tried it on Firefox, now it works.

I've been playing your games for many o' year, and this is a freaky departure. I liked it.
The environment seems more "alive" than some of your other games. Short & sweet, I expect you'll be able to do some really cool things with Unity.

Cute game. The puzzles were coherent, and the animation on the policeman was quite nice and flowing. What prompted you to do a 3D visual style vs 2D?

selfdefiant responds:

Flash is going to be done so I have to move forward with Unity. :)

Interesting SD - a little more difficult than your standard fare as it's not obvious what can and cannot be interacted with. The game worked fine, though also took a bit to load.