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Reviews for "Sneaky Rooftop Escape"

Nice graphics and another fun game, but it draws a lot more memory compared to your other games, causing my laptop to lag. Also, slight problems with items. When I hover over them in my inventory or click them, the name doesn't always appear and when I wanted to give the cop the cup of coffee, I clicked the cup twice and it disappeared and the cop drove off.

Edit: I do really like the swiveling security cameras though, since they give off a nice touch of realism.

First 3d game looks awesome! :D

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks a lot!

Nice job! Looks great with solid puzzles, keep up the good work.

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you very much!

Hi Selfdefiant:

I like the new style, thought it is a bit difficult to find the clickable objects compared to your usual more "cartoony" style.

I didn't realize the cup had coffee in it until watching the walkthrough. It would be useful to have a description in the inventory like your other games. (I think this may be an oversight though since I have just seen that the bucket of water was labelled)

Otherwise, great job as usual! Looking forward to seeing your next unity game!

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I'm working on hotspots and will check the labels. :)

I enjoyed this game. For your first attempt at a new platform was very well done.

A few issues however.
1. I'm not sure how, but I was able to get to the roof without the trash can one time. I haven't been able to recreate it however.

2. Not sure why, but game seemed choppy in movement (it may of been unity)
3. Not sure if the end puzzles are necessary but they were fun to figure out.

Overall, nice as usual buddy :)

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I will work on the issues you pointed out. I appreciate your feedback. :)