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Architect 5 Points

Test a level in the editor.

Curiosity 5 Points

Learn more about the developer.

Sound Seeker 5 Points

Listen to the soundtrack.

Rotate Me 10 Points


The Beginning 50 Points

Escape the facility.

Seven or Less 100 Points

Get a 7 minute or less speedrun.

Author Comments

With the ability to rotate gravity, you traverse a series of test chambers. As you complete these challenges, the rogue intelligence running the facility reveals your purpose. And your time is almost up.

Arrow Keys or WASD to move
[Q] and [E] to rotate
[Down] or [S] to interact
[P] or [ESC] to pause

Consider buying the soundtrack to support my work!

Update Notes:
- There are now separate mute buttons for music and sound effects.
- There's an option to invert the rotation keys in the pause menu.
- Optimized rendering to not render off-screen animated blocks.
- Fixed a bug where "New best time!" appeared every time.
- Won't crash when cookies & site data are disabled in Firefox.


Great game. I personally love hard-thinking platformers and this is one of the best I've played. I play muted so I can think, so I didn't experience the sound aspect of this game. If I had anything to suggest or criteque; it's the horrible rendering. If that's a computer bug for just me, then I've got nothing to give but praise.

Great game. Awesome puzzles, awesome music, I just didn't understand the story behind the game (what was the character's responsibility, why is he in a deadly, no-gravity building.....and seriously----how the heck did that cat get through all those obstacles!?)

this is a great game! sure, the puzzles are hard(i didnt actually finish the game(i stopped a few rooms after seeing the cat for the first time)) but its great! he level editor is amazing, my only thing is "there are no slopes in the editor, yet there are slopes in the main story" this is great overall! if you can make better, the next game would be AWESOME(i just made a newground account so dont expect these great reveiws, my "t" key is off, so expect missing t's

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OH I LOVED IT!!! It's very original, and with a little high difficulty, but enough if you wanna think more and more.
I really enjoyed from start to end, if you make a second part it would be amazing!

I LOVED the game and spent like 3 hours for the speedrun but for some reason I can't get that achievement even I was not on the highscore after a time of 6:24
I would really appreciate it if you looked into the problem
Here is the proof

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JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks for playing! I see the award on your NG profile, so maybe it's just not showing up in game? Let me know if it doesn't show up when you load up the game again.

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Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2018
1:59 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle