Reviews for "Rotate"

OH I LOVED IT!!! It's very original, and with a little high difficulty, but enough if you wanna think more and more.
I really enjoyed from start to end, if you make a second part it would be amazing!

JoshuaStone responds:

Hey, I'm glad you liked it! :D

I LOVED the game and spent like 3 hours for the speedrun but for some reason I can't get that achievement even I was not on the highscore after a time of 6:24
I would really appreciate it if you looked into the problem
Here is the proof

JoshuaStone responds:

Thanks for playing! I see the award on your NG profile, so maybe it's just not showing up in game? Let me know if it doesn't show up when you load up the game again.

I like the game and I'd love to give you 5 stars for it but the sound that appears together with the instructions is SUPER (!!) annonying...

JoshuaStone responds:

Haha, yeah I suppose it can be annoying to some people. Glad you liked it overall though!

Good Luck.


I enjoyed this game greatly. Puzzle games are my thing, and this one took me some time to figure out the stages starting at level 11, but I did finish the game! Took some thought and experimentation, but not so much that I gave up halfway through out of "This is impossible" feeling. "Pass the button but don't press it" was mean, hah! I think 15 took me the longest.

JoshuaStone responds:

Hey, glad you enjoyed playing! I don't have much experience making puzzles, so I was hoping they turned out alright. :)