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Stride Prototype

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This is a prototype of a game idea i had. Sadly the idea didn't make it so far. However, I decided to upload this just to show you as I am happy for how it looks. Enjoy.

WASD to move

J to attack

K to dodge

SPACE to block

E to activate/pickup

I to open inventory (holding I when the title screen ends loads

the game)

-Supports Gamepad-

version 0.2.1

-added a new enviroment type with shallow water

-added small details and fixed bugs

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i have 1 bug to report, in the stairs, sometimes it bugs and the gravity (?) fucks, and another problem is the zombies dont stop attacking you. but is ok :)

ErikSwahn responds:

I am aware of these bugs, though I am not touching this project any longer. Thanks pal.

How do I use the iron key? I don't understand how to use items on things, but it is a very nice game.

ErikSwahn responds:

The iron key opens up a locked room. If you picked it up it does it automatically. There is no need to use a specific item on anything. Appreciate your comment :)

Great demo overall, but I feel like the combat was a little awkward. If the zombies eased off you instead of just spamming their attacks, that would help tremendously with the combat in my opinion.
Also subtle clues to warn players about stuff like the skeletons instead of just chucking them at you with no warning would make that kinda thing much more satisfying. That way, if you get hit, if you get hit, you say it's your fault, not the game's.

Otherwise an amazing experience. If you're reading this while you wait for the game to load, definitely worth playing.

skeletons scared me and at end should have wood floor break then go to new area plus let character talk so he can talk to that guy who tried to open the door