Reviews for "Stride Demo"

i like it!

I really like where your going with this, I love this type of art style and if this where a steam game i'd buy it. I'd really enjoy a full game with story, mythical beasts, magical items, and more! My only downside is how slow you swing your sword and dodge but otherwise that could fixed with maybe a light and heavy attack option and a more speedy dodge.

Overall, this demo was pretty neat! I'm definitely going to follow and keep track of this games progress, keep up the good work!

ErikSwahn responds:

For each comment I definetly feel the urge to finish it. Especially with such positive feedback!

stuck in an elevator at the bottom floor in the second stage

ErikSwahn responds:

As it is just a demo there is really no point in going back. The second stage is also the end of the demo so congrats :)

Eyyy, this is cool.

For a prototype, it is a pretty solid game. It is enjoyable, has good animations and gameplay.

I won't comment on the character variety, since this is, well, a prototype, but I'll say that a bit could be worked on. The elevator animation was just too bumpy and shaky to my liking, and as others have said, the third sword swing kind of makes combat harder.

But that is a great game, and you should be proud of making such a prototype. I'm really curious how this'd play out with a larger story, maybe a Dark Souls-ish/Lovecraftian environment?

ErikSwahn responds:

It was in fact inspired by the atmosphere of Dark Souls. The swing feels a little heavy as it makes you take your time with each oponent. The elevator needs some fixes indeed :)

Great concept, would like to see more customization for the character, sprinting, jumping, unlocks on different attacks from a store or some interface, female model perhaps, ogres, goblins, black knights, bosses, damsel in distress, dragon and any other mythological creature that comes to mind.

ErikSwahn responds:

You pretty much mentioned all the things that would fit this type of game.

I had planned to implement an inventory system that provided switching of the armor, weapon and shield. I also planned on implementing more different attacks. Npc's would appear eventually, telling story related things to the player. Thanks for the comment!