Reviews for "Stride Demo"

why can't i use the lever? I'm pressing Enter

ErikSwahn responds:

Sorry, I made some changes to the buttons but forgot to update the description. It has been fixed now.

the game has very good points and the idea is good but it is necessary to improve the movement of the camera

2.5 goes to just how much potential this game has and 2.5 goes everything else.

The art style, the ambiance/sound, the weight behind the sword swings; these are amazing and I'm excited to see/play what you do moving forward with this.

That said, there are some issues.

First, and most likely the biggest one seeing many of the comments mention this, the camera scrolling is not good. It doesn't necessarily need to lock onto the knight. You could implement it as a game mechanic forcing the player not to be too hasty moving forward but you will need to figure out how to make that feel organic otherwise it'll just come off as intentionally stretching out the gameplay length through cheap methods. Of course, however you go about this, you definitely need to figure out how to lock the camera in place at some point as I found that the knight can outrun it and keep outrunning it until it hit a wall.

Attacking comes next. Although I did say it had some good weight/feel to it, it still connects weird with enemies. On top of that, it's also super-easy to spam and kill enemies before they can even strike you so, all around, you don't feel satisfied taking an enemy down in any way.

The final problem is that this game is so unfinished it barely can be considered a demo. I can't say if the blocking or dodging works because I never encountered a situation where I should use them. At this point they are completely unnecessary. What can I do with gold? Why can I move through one doorway but can't return from it?

And I get it, your idea didn't move further than this so you put this together, maybe, to keep you inspired to do more with this. I commend you highly for that and I am excited to see what more you can put into this. Until then this is just a really awesome idea.

ErikSwahn responds:

Yes, people have been helpful with keeping the project going with comments. I am currently doing some work on it, fixing bugs and implementing more things slowly. The camera system is finished just not uploaded yet. The gold does nothing so far since the inventory is not added. I can tweak with the combat, no problem. I will fix the doorway too, but it has been some major problems with layouts for some reason, nothing to worry about, it will just take time.

Many thanks :)

Friend great game but I recommend you HAVE to fix the camera is very, very slow to follow the character, Good job! good luck

is good and cool good job d00d