Reviews for "Stride Demo"

I like it a lot!

Maybe my only gripe is not being able to utilize the dodge function effectively. It would have been a little nicer to make it a roll as opposed to a step back. However, besides that the entire game is really nice and smooth.

oK, THIS IS GREAT AND ALL, BUT WHAT DO i DO AFTER I FOUND A DEAD MONK? Sorry for caps, too lazy to retype.

ErikSwahn responds:

After the priest there is a long hall of running undead monsters. After that there is a small room with a ladder that leads down to a small cave with water. That's it though. End of demo. Glad you liked it! Will implement more things soon.

10/10 AMAZING!!!!

This Is An Amazing Game, I Love The Way It Plays, Moves, And Fights. Please Continue This Project!

Nifty little game. The athmosphere is lovely done, with a clear inspiration from the Dark Souls games. The controls seem pretty solid and the pixelated art style brings back a bit of nostalgia. Unfortunately that's about it. The game is short, there's no story elements whatsoever, the combat and enemies are limited, with no stats or equipement. All I want to say is that the game could've been more polished even for a demo. But at the very least it's a clean slate that you can build upon quite a lot. I did make a small let's play of it right here: https://youtu.be/2fRyw88O8P0 . Sharing my insight on the game elements. I would 100% play a full version of this and give it higher ratings, so keep working on it ;)

ErikSwahn responds:

Interesting, will watch!

(edit) I watched it. First I will say that the camera has now been fixed so no more waiting. Secondly, thanks for the encouragement and also for the criticism! I update the game daily right now so things are getting better. Inventory was just added and more things have been planned. Thanks for taking the time to make a video pal ^^