Reviews for "Stride Demo"

WOW! one of the best games I played on this site.If add several types of weapons (knives.whips, etc.), supposedly fast and slow and for everyone to think of 2 conventional strike 1 strong (requiring time) and 1 finishing moves (when the enemy is stunned or doesn't see player) is not bad 2D darksouls !really I would like that the game is not thrown(again, sorry for the mistakes in the text if they are :)

Nice demo, pls finish it

Great stuff! This is very promising plz finish

This is one of the best games i have played since i have been on the site.
It has voice acting and the combat is kinda fun.
And the pixel art looks good.

really great demo! i really enjoy these kinds of games, maybe you could add harder difficulties which spawn harder ranked enemies when/if you finish? good luck on creating this game mate

ErikSwahn responds:

Ah as I say to most, thanks so much but im not working on this currently and have no plans so far either. I might get a sudden inspiration boost in the future but many other things are taking up time right now.