Reviews for "Stride Demo"

all that words can say to this game is that it is wonderful and gives me very strong vibes about Dark Souls, one of my favorite games.

I would had given over a million souls to see this game in steam!

Very nice job on atmosphere!

It seems like perhaps putting a little more color here and there (like that light coming out of window somewhere after a monk) could make interesting effect

I really miss a map in that dungeons

I would play a game this prototype will turn to

ErikSwahn responds:

Awesome! Colors might be hard to implement though since the game is supposed to look a little gray and hopeless. I am slowly adding some more enviroments though which could give some difference in the visuals.

The game is very nice and atmospheric, and I like the art, sounds, and animation. However, I have a few gripes.

1) Probably tell us the controls at the start of the game or implement a controls menu instead of telling us in the comments?
2) It was totally by chance that I figured out you could save by the candles.
3) I had no idea that I could pick up weapons off the racks; they don't even look like weapons.
4) I still have no idea how to open doors.

Generally, items that are possible to interact with blend WAY too much into the background, and that makes the game frustrating to play.

ErikSwahn responds:

You can get a key from the corpse in the first room to open doors. I will add a "locked" message soon. Also I can make it more obvious with the candles :)

Very good, atmospheric. Hope to see the full version ;)