Reviews for "Stride Demo"

Logged in only to tell you this is fantastic. For a prototype, it's got some serious potential!
While there's some problems like hit registration (spamming the attack key whilst being as close as possible to a zombie rather then holding it down and hitting the zombie from far causes the zombies to take approximately 2 to 3 hits in the first swing-animation.). Also, I find the keyboard controls to be a bit awkward, and by that I mean, the enter inspect/activate/pickup key is awkward to reach during gameplay, and with a game like this I don't know if I'd wanna move my hands from the attack/dodge buttons to enter an elevator and activate it, f.e. if I'd be chased and needed to escape via elevator, but still want to keep them back/dodge attacks.

I really like the ambience you pulled off, it actually drew me in for a bit, and the rattling groans put me on the edge of my seat, like some zombie with a chain was gonna drop down on top of me and it would attack me.

I'd definitely support something like this. It's truly got it's charm, and with some work, it could definitely become something pretty cool. You did a great job, dude! Keep it up!

ErikSwahn responds:

I can easily change the activate/pickup button to something better. I am thinking of giving the player an alternative set of attacks also. Thanks ^^

Like everyone else said, The camera needs to be sped up, otherwise, this could become a full game. I rate it a five.

I like the atmosphere and how you put the "scary voice" before proceeding with the level. I was swinging randomly at the time and became afraid I might cut a prisoner or something that was just out of view.

The demo is really short, but I get that it's just a demo - you should be proud with how it looks, did a good job. The controls handle well (although the W doesn't let me jump, not sure if that was on purpose or not).

Some things could be worked on, for example, the screen moving with you. Did you intent for it to move slower than the player can walk? Seems like a waste of time moving quickly through a level and then you have to wait for the screen to catch up. Also it lagged/got stuck when I first started the level; I almost left the game because it was taking awhile to work. Not sure why it did that.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

ErikSwahn responds:

Thank you! I can fix the camera to just follow the player without any delay. W doesn't do anything yet. Not sure why the game lagged or got stuck though...

At first I didn't think much of the dodge when I saw that I could typically turn and run backwards fast enough to dodge most attacks. But then I tried dodging and turning around in the air, and it felt like a prototype hop jump. You can verify for yourself that there's air control involved- if you hold forward while dodging you won't dodge backwards as much, and if you hold back you'll turn around and move in that direction much faster. Just some undocumented physics I found. Anyway, I'd be happy with more of the same, if you don't mind!

ErikSwahn responds:

^^ Thanks!

I usually don't rate games, but I absolutely love this demo. I could see this becoming a really cool full fledge game. I would honestly pay for this game if it came on steam, game jolt, etc. Even if it is just a demo, it looks great and mostly feel greats with the exceptions of glitches and some controls issues which other people have already pointed out. I do hope you decide to make this into a full fledge game!