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Leap Jet Bear

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Achivement Hunter 50 Points

Unlock all achivements

Congratulations? 50 Points

Die on level one

Flying Degree 50 Points

Complete 5 levels without dashing

Heart Stealer 50 Points

Collect all hearts

No Safety Net 50 Points

Complete every level without checkpoints on

Shadow Racer 50 Points

Collect all lighting bolts

Shiny Treasure 50 Points

Collect a crystal

The End? 50 Points

Complete all 20 levels

The Floor is Lava 50 Points

Complete 5 levels without touching the ground

Treasure Hunter 50 Points

Collect all crystals

Author Comments

A game about a space bear from another planet trying to rescue her cubs. There are many obstacles that will challenge you to a point of rage quit, but keep in mind those cubs won't save themselves.

The game includes:
- Modes
- Medals/Achievements
- Characters
- Mute button(exclusive)

A, D/Arrows - Walk
Z/K/Up - Jump/Fly
X/J - Dash
ESC - Pause

You can listen and download all tracks from this game here:

BUG: If you finish a random(?) level the game may freeze, we are working on fixing it. If it happens to you, just refresh the page, you lose nothing.

Have fun!

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I got all crystals, hearts, and lightning bolts with no checkpoints :D. I'm redoing it so I can post it on my you tube channel. It doesn't seem to wanna give me the achievement for the lightning bolt run :( but im trying to figure out to fix that. The last thing for me to do is figure out how to get floor is lava achievement. not sure how to input a code but im working on that. Great game!

Edit: Yay! First video out of three is finished: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0B0bp1i5P4

no lo niego es mui bueno

HAAARD game, but good

Very fun game. It can be hard, but it's never unbearable! (has someone already made that pun?) Definitely worth completing entirely, though I do wish some medals were worth more than others. Maybe have "Achievement Hunter" worth 100pts, while "Shiny Treasure" and "Congratulations?" are worth 25pts.

I'm curious about the name. Is it saying that the bear has a leap jet? Is that a type of jet? Or is it telling the jet bear to leap? i.e. Leap, jet bear!

The music is very good, though to others I concur; it gets rather repetitive after a while. Maybe it doesn't need one track per level, but at least more than one for the entire game. The background also becomes uninteresting over time; perhaps the game could be split into sections with one background and one track per section. Maybe the music could even be based around the backgrounds. The art is also very nice. The medal designs are cute. I think there should have been more than one color for the bears navel for the bonus characters. The pink bear could definitely have had pink and purple as it's colors. I'm not as sure about the other ones. Maybe green and blue for the green bear, and white and grey for the black bear.

Oh, before I finish, here's one tip for level 17. If you get in the right spot, you can pass right in between the saw blades! Just wait for the saws to come down and then jump and fly through them. This'll give you more time to get to the top. It won't help with bonus modes, though it may make it easier to complete without checkpoints.

MadNukin responds:

Hey I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
The name is suppose to tell what the game does, you leap and you jet around with a bear!
Thanks for the wonderful review :D

Phenomenal action-platformer! I've had a blast playing it, the level design is brilliant, and I really enjoyed the heart-collecting and shadow-racing challenges that came after beating the game, added another level of difficulty and fun to the various levels ^_^

I also love the unlockable characters, I've used the green panda to complete the heart challenge, pink bear for the shadow race and the shadow bear for the remaining challenges. It'd be cool if there were more, but the ones which are at disposal are great! ^_^
By the way, here's a tip for getting the "The Floor Is Lava" medal: you can only "type" the konami code in once your cursor changes into the type cursor, the normal & hover cursor won't work.

Despite many people complaining in the reviews about the game's difficulty and gameplay, I adored its design. The difficulty was rather high, Super Meat Boy-ish kind of level of difficulty but still quite manageable with just twenty levels and I really like how the simple game mechanics have to be used to progress. The "hidden" shortcuts in levels 7 & 15 were also a nice touch on the level design aspect, you're unlikely to stumble on them, but for ones who do know of them, they have a slight advantage :^)

Overall, I've greatly enjoyed the game experience as a whole. The soundtrack was amazing, I like how it changed every game mode, the achievements werent too obscurely difficult (though, I'm warning you, those aren't easy-peasy medals) and the fun factor was high. Thank you for having developed such an amazing game for the Newgrounds audience to play! ;D

MadNukin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.
It's really nice that people still playing this old thing and actually like it.
Thank you for the awesome review!