Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

That was awesome! So good!

Very nice, only thing i would fix is environment/level design, it should have more obstacles instead of just putting obstacles on the wall. Little bit of jumping over the void would be fun, but best platformer i've played on Newgrunds so far.

Opened the game today, all my progress had reset.
10/10, would want to die again.

In all seriousness, this is a lovely little platformer, going to be a pain to unlock everything again though.
On another note, no idea what the 10 lives code is for the achievement, I assume it must be something you unlock.

wtf the end bagde is only worth 50 points! i frikin spent over 5 hours today trying to beat those 20 lvls. and i frikin did it. and your only giving me 50 points why isent it 100 do you realise how hard this game is!

you guys have made this game way to hard. once you get to lvl 10 the fun is over cus all those last 10 lvls are a real struggle.

also you need to focus very hard to beat this game. this game looks like it was combination of supermeatboy and the art style of those nitrome games.

the characther dosent even look like a bear. it looks like a frigde thats mutated.

you berly have enough fuel to do things. aslo theres a switch where theres spikes and chainsaws fallings from the sealing like seriously thats to much. the spikes was enough.

lvl 20 is the most difficult do to the fact that the red switch can only be activated in one way. you have to dash exactly right time ortherwise you die no matter what.

so i recoomend getting the yellow one then the blue one and then the red one thats how i did it.

cus yellow is quite quick once you get how to do it. blue one is the same. but the red one takes like hours to just perfect the way to dash before the chainsaw hits you.

but since the game is actully beatable and i did it ima give it 3 stars.

High Quality game and it's seen that it had much of time and care put into it but its too hard that it's no longer exciting to play.