Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

Very cool game. Love your pixel art.

It is a very good game indeed. Well made and challenging as f*ck.

There are some drawbacks though.
- Music is descent but get way to intense after just two minutes or so.
- No option to just skip the music and keep sound effects.
- I don't like the floors where spikes comes up when you touch them. They would be ok if I could see it was a floor of that type, but now they add difficulty in a bad annoying way.

the best game i have played on Newgrounds so far, love the music a lot as well

When I started, I thought I would just try a few levels and move on, but once I started playing and the challenges started to amp up, I didn't want to stop.

The controls work well, though I would like the option to remap keys, and the required maneuvers scale nicely from level to level. I really appreciated the ambidextrous keybindings, which allowed me to freely switch mid-level if one hand started to cramp. What really got me hooked was the way challenges built on each other from level to level, and then just when I started to feel confident in my ability, I would be presented with a completely new challenge. That, coupled with the alternating level types, kept the gameplay from becoming stale, which is a problem I think a lot of similar platforming games have.

The art is well done, with just enough shine to give actions a snappy, responsive feel, but not so overdone that it is distracting. My only problem is with the gate switches, which are hard to spot sometimes. I think it would be a good idea to increase their brightness, or perhaps increase the ambient glow so that the general location is easier to spot.

Not a bad game. Good music too