Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

GG! Loved the art style and gameplay mechanics. Also, the puzzles are well-made and the level design was pretty neat. Only a couple of things though that annoy me a bit.

1) "K or Z to jump". This is really frustrating because you can simply use Spacebar, W or Up Arrow rather than K or Z. This mechanic really annoys the crap out of me and, yes, even though it MAY add that bit of annoyance and rage to it, it also makes for a terrible key mechanic.

2) "Similar Backgrounds". This doesn't make for a great platforming game if you have only one background. Even though this one background could make it seem that you are in some sort of space station or laboratory, a number of backgrounds could make a story unfold.

3) "Only Three Characters". It would be a great decision if you added more bears / creatures / whatever animal you want. The reason being is because you could have a larder variety of characters to play as.

4) "The Same Music". It would be great if in every level, the music changed. Not that I don't like he music or anything, of a matter of fact, it is beautiful music but GOD does it get repetitive. I is just a thought, that's all.
Overall, pretty descent game and rated 4.5 out of 5. Great work, d00d.

You know, I feel the experience is 50/50. Overall very good, don't be deceived, but I feel like there's some drawbacks to be had.

Let me just open with praise. Great music, great sounds, great visuals, original concepts, EXCELLENT level design, and a good breadth of content. It's masterpieces like this that make me dig around in the platformer section of NG to begin with. I could not rate this piece anything less than 8/10 on a clean conscious as proof of how damn good this piece is at its core.

The problem for me is style and philosophy. It gets hard as all hell. Borderline impossible in some feets. I'm straight up resigning on level 17 due to my dry eyes and cramped as hell wrists.

My single biggest gripe: Memorization and stealth spikes.

The timed spikes are one thing, but the proximity spikes have fast deploy times (needing to reaction in over 1/4 of a second or so is simply fatal, if even that), completely invisible nature, and eventual spam-tacular overuse simply grows absurd. I'm fine with a few levels using it, or maybe once or twice per level, but it just grows to a point where every other place you could set foot suddenly decides to murder you completely and utterly without warning.

That's fine, but they start appearing in places that are central to any kind of reprieve, or places where danger is not a theme. Adding a need to remember one trap laid out near blue switch X just makes you die and restart.

Does it add to the game's lifetime? Sure. But does it add any fun or true challenge outside of memory? Not really, in my honest opinion. And that's what gets me. I'm being kicked to curb out of almost pure sadism, and I get nothing in return out of the trade. Maybe it's just my tastes expecting something else, but for me this is a constant nuisance.

Secondarily: Long, long stretches of actions with no reprieve. I have never seen a platformer with as long of rapid fire hazards as this. It gets to be very exhausting, and you want a moment to catch your breath and recenter yourself, but that ends up not being given for considerable expanses of space. Moreover, even if it just comes down to memorizing it all, doing a few dozen chain actions to clear an area over 20 seconds requires immense focus and quite frankly leaves me wanting to blink one hell of a lot. It just ends up drying out my eyes more than I feel overtly challenged. It's really a cramp in how much I get into things before just feeling that the insanity is growing oversaturated. And after you clear one of these giant reflex piles? Well, you can bet there's another one waiting for you of comparable length.

Truth be told I'd love to keep digging into this game, but it's very taxing on the wrists and comfort to keep pursuing, and everything that goads me on to keep pressing myself just gets met with a lot of small annoyances that drive me further away.

I imagine I am the exception, but either way it's a good piece at it's core.

8/10, 4/5 ~WCCC

Love the game, once you get a hang of it's really not that hard, it just comes down to map memory and timing mostly (1,2,3 for spikes) the gems were fun to hunt down and the map construction was good. I loved how the different modes allowed you to replay levels again without feeling like they were just been churned and reused.

Looking at the other comments I see you need to put a code in to attempt the lava medal but have tried in multiple places in the game to input the code yet have failed to achieve anything. I originally thought you had "10 lives" meaning you could only touch the ground 9 times to complete the first 5 levels... I managed to do this (by jumping before the round started) but it seems it wasn't clear to me that I had to go about it another way. any chance you could make it clearer what to do with that?

I found the time trail bear the easiest as I had already completed the maps and the shadow bear just floated around behind me for most of them. the best order to complete medals would to leave the no checkpoints till last as you then have a very good understanding of the mechanics of the games and map layout and could do most levels without even dying on the first try.

I don't know if it was just me but i found sometime the up/down keys (and rarely the side keys) to not respond so i would have to triple tap them to make sure i dropped down a platform or jet packed as multiple times It didn't follow through with my input and ended up sawed in half or spiked. Don't know if thats an issue for most people but it's something I had to deal with.

10/10 would bear again

MadNukin responds:

I never had a complaint about the buttons not responding. I'm trying to figure it out but I can't seem to find any issues with the code. About the floor is lava medal, use the konami code on the main menu, don't use A and B, but Z and X.

I like this!
Like one of the other reviews said, it's like Super Meat Boy but with different platforming mechanics.
It's a simple game but what's there is solid.

MadNukin responds:

The game is heavily inspired by 1001 spikes. I only played few levels of meat boy but @Miroko played it a lot. But still, I see how similar the games are. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review.

Excellent gameplay, excellent graphics, excellent music. Excellent game!