Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I suck but I love it. Reminds me a lil of Super Meat Boy but with more mechanics. Nice job and I'm gonna play some more! :D

PS Also the soundtrack rocks! :3

Guys, you seriously roxx. The game is very cool, i love the graphics, the ambient, and the gameplay is really fun and DAMN challenging. I'm a tryhard-er and the level 6 made me mad, the 7 too. The levels are well designed.


It really needs more polishing ! I'm not sure the sounds effects are good. The saw sound looks really poor, the transitions between the levels could be improved instead of having the bear stuck for some seconds ! It needs a little more work but i can't give you less than 5 stars. The game is still really good !

I ABSOLUTELY love the soundtrack! It feels like I'm playing an old Pokemon game from my childhood. The graphics and sprites are really good and the theme-Bear with Jet Arms?- is really funny.

I like how a check point is you being developed in a test chamber and the art style is epic. You get sick of the music after awhile but other then that its tons of fun. Would be cool if I could use my Xbox controller.

Great music, great artstyle, okay gameplay.
I don't know how I feel about all these pixel perfect jumps to be quite honest.