Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

Getting the Crystals is like a slow paced MegaMan on Steroids. Does that make any sense? Anyways, I like it. There is slight performance issues, likely originating from Flash, and, at least for me, it doesn't break the game.

As far as the platforming mechanics go, they're fine tuned and are, as already stated, comparable to the MegaMan franchise.

Despite all this, because of it's genre, it will always be overlooked, which is sad considering the potential of the developer/designer, and the unique character they've created. The genre is saturated. Regardless, I think if this were to continue progressing it'd have strong marketing potential. The same could be said for a game like Unstrong. :P

Anyways, good luck on future games, Madnukin!

I have noticed that while playing this game my browser keeps trying to load shit.

Because of this the screen keeps freezing and I end up teleporting all over the place. Because of this I have to assume that something is going wrong and I can't give this a very high rating.

really good solid controls and fun challenging gameplay

Great game with appealing graphics and kick ass music. The reply value is high due to the extra rewards how fun this game is. Great job guys!

-Great Soundtrack
-Amazing Art Design
-Awesome Gameplay
-Easy Controls

This is a very addicting game and Level 5 was mostly a challenge for me but I kept playing..its very fun