Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

Cute bear, jetpack(?) AND A FUN PLATFORMER??? I don't know what else to say!

Now That I've Beaten This Game, Time For Review, Before I Lose The Smile On My Face For Beating This Game And Achieving All Medals.

Few tips: for the players:
-there's no better code than konami code
-the "no safety net" is only required for the standard levels (thank god, because otherwise it would be too extreme, even for me)
-dashing is your friend, because you can "cheat" the timing with dashing
-don't try to have both crystals and no checkpoint beaten level. Ever.

Graphics, Sounds, Concept = 10/10, nothing to discuss here, because it's flawless, the bobbing of the head of the cub is cute, and the chainsaws are cute too.

Game is very challenging, and sometimes unfair, and you can feel the laughing of the author, while failing, but it's not really frustrating. I don't know why, but I didn't ragequit. I did was exhausted, and I felt like after a running marathon, barely breathing.

What makes this game really good is that the player becomes actually better at this game, the more you play it. I got so better to the point that I was laughing at the shadow challenge and how slow it was, especially in level 20 when I was finishing the level, while the shadow was starting the third route.

Now the main menu loop could be edited a little better to flow better, but that's a minor thing.

The main flaw would be the crashing of the game after level 8 and 14, but apparently, the game will not crash if you beat these levels without failure. Hopefully it will be fixed, because it would be a shame for such game to be held back by such a minor problem. It was the only thing that really pissed me off severely, especially early in the gameplay.

And a suggestion, I do feel that the "beaten with no checkpoint" mark would be useful for level select.

All in All, in my honest opinion, ONLY Games like this one should be allowed to have medals, because it's a very well made game and carefully crafted.

MadNukin responds:

I love that someone took the challenge of this game and completed it in less than 24 hours, amazing.
Congratulations on the medals and for not giving up. You have some nerves.

I like how a check point is you being developed in a test chamber and the art style is epic. You get sick of the music after awhile but other then that its tons of fun. Would be cool if I could use my Xbox controller.

Excellent gameplay, excellent graphics, excellent music. Excellent game!

-Great Soundtrack
-Amazing Art Design
-Awesome Gameplay
-Easy Controls

This is a very addicting game and Level 5 was mostly a challenge for me but I kept playing..its very fun