Reviews for "Leap Jet Bear"

Someone know the code for the medal "The floor is lava"? I tride the konami code up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A and didn't work, if someone can help :/

About the game, i think is great, it is fun and challenging, the difficulty can be mastered, i know some people are complaining, but in my opnion the difficulty here isn't punishing, it's hard sometimes, but you just need to continue trying, level 17 was hard but after collectiving almost all achievements i was able to pass level 17 in 5 five tries. The only exception in my opnion is level 11 in the game mode of collecting hearts, it can be kinda painful to trie dodging the band-aids to preserve for the cominb back, maybe it could put more band-aids i don't know, but the way of dodging them to preserve, is kinda too much hard.
The art is fine, i like it and i think there is nothing bad about it
The music,gameplay and controls are fine, i like high mobility, maybe someday you could try a game that is a platformer with big levels and enemies? i think it would be cool and this jetpack power gives freedom to the player, so i hope someday we see something like this into a bigger project.
Anyway, really cool game, hoping to see your future games

Level 17 is rather unfair. To be able to go down and then all the way up the verticle shaft relies upon unseen saw movement. Outside of perhaps memorizing the time it takes the saws to move back and forth (probably 3-5 seconds) it is cheap. It requires perfect movement on the way up to be able to make it to the checkpoint. The rng is set up at the start of the stage to allow you to make it to the checkpoint but only at the start. Any other point beyond the very start of the stage leaves you at the complete mercy of two saws that move back and forth.
I am not going to memorize the timing of two saw placements. Level 17 is excessive in my opinion, sure others have gotten past it, I will not be one of them nor do I care at this point.

Its hard and fun, I just don't like the music and the walking floppy sound effects are so annoying.

I really like this game even though I'm a filthy casual. The music is great, game doesn't punish you too hard for you dying, but most of all it's just enjoyable. My only problem with it is that falling speed is constant, not accelerating to a certain speed.

Good game. Nice work guys.