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Wickebine Kigyouden

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Game runs slow on some browsers, causing glitches and delays. I recommend downloading the offline version if that is case:
Offline link download version: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/149782cf0119114ed878cb45760037db

There are over 40 unique equipment and weapons that can be discovered during the course of this game.


Arrow Keys to move
A to jump
S to attack
D to use sub weapons
Space to bring up the pause menu


Credits: music and other copyrights:


Due to many requests, I'm uploading a 100% guide here:

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Boo there is no way to keep playing this amazing game now? btw the webpages from geocities are dead.

what the fuck??? why is this not as popular as it should be? an entire fucking actual metroidvania game... for free.. holy shit.

I love it. There is a little glitch at the very end when it lets you re-battle bosses you've beaten some of them vanish with full health and you have to reload the window to get out of the fight.

I love the controls i only have one request. that we can set more than one sub weapon like E, D, C, because I find my self switching between them frequently for some areas.

Finally I love all the hidden areas it was supper fun searching and finding them all there are two that if you find them your character just dies and you can not see why one is in the area with water falls when you climb up above the trees and walk to the right and the other is when you beat the Evil Reign Deer and go back with cat paws and climb up then walk over and you just die.

This is a very addicting game even when you beat it there are still plenty of things to do. thank you for sharing this with us It took me 5 days and no sleep to beat it ha ha ha I can finally get some sleep

man, i played this loooong ago
i remember it to be a nice game but is actually a really good one
always in my heart

Finally found it! I was so blown away by this game back when it came out, honestly it deserves millions of views. Easily one of greatest Newgrounds games of all time. Not much of a story of course and it's made up almost entirely of reused assets, but that's because all the effort went into creating incredibly fun and refined gameplay! I'd love to see somebody turn this into a full fledged game on Steam; words really can't describe how above and beyond this game goes the calling.