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Wickebine Kigyouden

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Author Comments

Game runs slow on some browsers, causing glitches and delays. I recommend downloading the offline version if that is case:
Offline link download version: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/149782cf0119114ed878cb45760037db

There are over 40 unique equipment and weapons that can be discovered during the course of this game.


Arrow Keys to move
A to jump
S to attack
D to use sub weapons
Space to bring up the pause menu


Credits: music and other copyrights:


Due to many requests, I'm uploading a 100% guide here:

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Second time I'm playing this game and once again awesome gaming experience especially the fight against the angel since it demands you to actively dodge like everything with pots or you need to grind the pattern till you manage to dodge (tried both learning pattern is actually easier). The only thing I need to point out is that you can commit suicide if you slide with the shadow boots into the next room. Another thing I liked was the general level design since while they were short you could go around and discover some equipment and other things.

This is why you shouldn't mess with a neko girl.
They can cause destruction and death on their war path

But all jokes aside. I never expect a flash game to waste 6 hours of my time and managed to make those 6 hours feel worth it. I enjoy playing this game. This game is too good to be free. I can actually feel the effort put into the game

I've loved this game since it first dropped back in 2016. In an effort to preserve it I'm linking to a mega file containing the game, a flash player install executable (to play the game), along with pdf files containing the credits and the 100% guide that got lost once the links in the author's comments got lost. Hopefully this will help anyone who wants to experience the game.

https://mega[dot]nz/#!urwBBAia!saTeepMY3SzHmFHxArXLM(Remove this space)KCCVTIHeCh2RR0SjT3jQNc

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

Thank you.

I dont get how this is a just flash game. Great work.

This is actually really cool