Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

Such an amazing and addicting game!And the fact that you can download it makes it even better!!!

Nice work

Wow. Really nice game maided. Castlevania + Ragnarok seems legit. Wanna more

Perfection. This is a full game, better than a lot of the stuff you'd find on the Nintendo eshop. Actually amazing.

This game is average. It does some things well, and some not so well. I’m pretty sure the sprites are ripped off, but that’s fine. They’re very good if they’re not. Movement and combat feels good, and so does the skill progression. I appreciate keeping things on death. It takes some of the challenge away, but it also takes away some annoying backtracking. too. That’s all good but things it does not do well add a slight jank factor. The game’s music is nice, but it does not always fit the scenario. Another problem with the music is that most of the songs tend to fade out and then start up again. It would probably be a good idea to snip the starts and ends of some of the songs short so they loop more smoothly. Another problem is that I need to use the mouse to navigate the menus when the rest of the game is played with the keyboard. Some of the level design towards the start is a little bland, but I noticed that it does pick up in difficulty and variety as the game continues. The thing I can’t stand the most is the level up sound. It’s just a little too loud and out of place. The thing I like the most about this game is that you can use the magic sub weapons to turn this game into a simple MegaMan X. If I could only add one thing at all it would be the ability to map at least 3 sub weapons and swap them out in gameplay for increased combo potential. This game may have its own small problems, but it is still a fun little distraction.